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Natasha Grigori talks to ABC news about local pedophile ... who was found with CP.
The same man admitted to molesting a child 7 yrs ago.. and was not convicted.
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Natasha Grigori is interviewed on the radio March 20, and talks about Reveal Software,
that ACPO has made available for parents. Listen:
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Natasha Grigori, founder of ACPO, speaks out about child porn
in a news interview March 19, 2002
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FBI Announces Nationwide Initiative 'Candyman'
March 18: Today the FBI announced a nationwide initiative to crack down on the
proliferation of child pornography over the Internet, starting with a series of
arrests in 20 states.

ACPO Speaks out at Defcon 8, July 2000.
(Footage recently digitized for the website)
Jan 1, 2001

ACPO's Television Interview
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