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March 16 2006


On 11 November 2005 at approximately 9:30 PM local time, Natasha Grigori left this world and has moved to a far better place. For those who don’t know, Natasha had been very ill for quite sometime. Throughout the pain and suffering, Natasha expressed concern for ACPO and the children she so avidly sought to protect from “the bad guys” who would prey on the innocent.

Natasha leaves behind many friends who truly loved her. That love was reciprocated many times over. It was not at all uncommon for Natasha to express her love for “her boys” and I’m sure she is watching over everyone who shared in her lofty mission.

A promise was made and shall be kept. In many conversations prior to her death, Natasha, knowing that the end was near, asked that ACPO remain a viable and fully functional organization. Over the next several weeks / months, efforts will be made to keep her wishes alive and functioning in the manner befitting her memory.

Natasha was a true fighter to the very end. May she remain in our hearts and mind’s. May she Rest In Peace.

Ron H. here:  I’m somewhat new to AntiChildPorn.Org (ACPO), so I’ll offer up a bit of my background and why I’ve decided to become an active member/participant with ACPO.

I am a former police officer here in the United States.  I am, and have been disabled for several years (NOT job related).  After being declared totally and permanently disabled, I began looking for something positive and constructive to occupy my time; something that would allow me to draw on my law enforcement & investigative background.

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The AntiChildPorn Organization’s 2004 Child Friendly Award

ACPO awards the “Child Friendly” award to a selected few individuals each year, based on those individuals’ contributions to the health, safety, rights, and education of the world’s children.

Qualifiers are socially responsible individuals who work on behalf of the world’s children: individuals whose efforts contribute to a better homes, schools, diets, and medical treatment for the world’s children; individuals whose work helps to produce child friendly entertainment; individuals from fields as disparate as medicine, law enforcement, and computing technology whose efforts help make the world a safer place for children. ACPO would like to thank each and every person who contributes to the welfare of children for their devotion and passion to this cause.

Today, December 17th, 2004 the AntiChildPorn Organization (ACPO) is proud to name Intercosmos Media Group, Inc. Creators of directNIC.com as the first recipient of its “ACPO Child Friendly” award. We at ACPO are proud to work with Intercosmos Media Group and grateful for all their help, and for setting an excellent example to the community! Shouts out to everyone at Intercosmos Media Group!

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ACPO would like to welcome our new sister site ACPO Canada!
An ACPO site offering a Canadian perspective on the fight against child pornography and sexual abuse and exploitation of any kind.

You can find the site at http://antichildporn.ca

45 states have Amber Alerts, 5 to go.

When a child is kidnapped by a predator, police use the Amber Alert
system to alert the public via radio, TV, and the Internet.

Please, take action now to help rescue kidnapped children by making sure the
Amber Alert emergency response system is in place
in your state and across the country.

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Monday, April 22, 2002

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