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Who-Is Search 
GeekTools who-is search 


Enter the name of the web site you want to check. 
 Use the base name only, such as, or
 In many cases, entering the site's assigned number will also work, such as

Common U.S. registered domain names now include those ending in:
.com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov, .mil, and .int. 
NORID for a more complete international list.


The Predator's Profile
Google (replacing Usenet Search

Find results
with all of the words

    per page
  Narrow search with
   extra info below

with any of the words
with the exact phrase
without the words
Newsgroup Return only results from the newsgroup - - -
e.g.*, alt.gangs* alt.pedophile*
Subject Return only results where the subject is - - -
e.g. boylove or pedophile
Author Return only results where the author is - - -
e.g., Johnny Badguy, or boylove
Message ID Return only results where the message ID is
The ID from a message header 
Language Return pages written in - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
You can use any combination of the above to narrow or expand your search.  The less info, the more results you will get.  The more info you input, the less amount of results.  Experimenting with the amount of info may give you what you are looking for.    This is the beta version. - - Improvements to come!


Goo Goo -  Gaa Gaa?
 (Google Name Search)

 Enter the first and last name of any person.  Google will do a very quick search for the name.
  You might try an email or word search here as well.
  Advanced Search - Language, Display & Filtering Options  
Use the first button for full search results.
  The second will take you to a random related page .
Note: A common first & last name will get you more results than you really wanted.

Google is one of the best search engines of it's kind
Google index: 1,387,529,000 web pages

Good Old Ma Bell

Just type in a member's AT&T last name below and click "Go."

Search for a member's personal or business page. Just type in keywords and "Go."


 Multi Function Search
Email, Home Page, Instant Messenger, Phone and other stuff

  Help   This function is via 

          Remember selections     (This is one of the best all around engines anyplace!)
E-mail Addresses
Home Pages
Instant Messenger Lookup
US Phone Numbers
Reverse Lookup (enter US phone no.)
Genealogy (enter family name)
Check only the searches you want

Why not Switch?
 (Name with Address Search)

To find a person, enter all or part of the last name. 
To narrow your search, enter additional information such as first name, city/state.
If you use the city option, you will need the state as well.

Find a person

Last name

First name




Find a business

Business name




CBS Switchboard is one of the better engines to gather up an address to go with the name 

 Is he/she online with America OnLine?
(Name and Info Search)

Enter a name, word, or phrase that may be on his/her AOL homepage.

Email List/Forum Finder I
L-Soft List Search

Search for thousands of forum or email lists 

This form allows you to search the database for lists whose name (XYZ-L), host name (LISTSERV.XYZ.EDU) and/or title ("Central America Discussion List") matches your search string. You can search for multiple topics by separating them with a comma. For instance, a search on "opera,classical" will return all the entries containing the word "opera" OR the word "classical". To search for a topic that actually contains a comma, type two commas in a row.

Look for:  
In: List name Host name List title
Lists with web archive interface only

55,903 lists, 2,869 sites L-Soft International, Inc.

Enter the type of group you are looking for. (examples: baseball or teen)

Email List/Forum Finder II
 YahooGroups (formerly eGroups and OneList) search

Search over 300,000 YahooGroups Communities and email lists





(Examples: pedophile or car)
Search YahooGroups International for other nations and languages.

IRC Chat Finder
Get mIRC software here.  Click link to see most of the IRC Servers.   Over 400,000 public channels on over 370 networks.

Enter channel name or topic keyword:    IRC Web Based Channels  

Enter a channel name such as "teen, trade, or picture". 

Does your target use other email lists, clubs  or IRC channels?

     YAHOO!  Yahoo! Clubs
     PAML Public Access Mailing Lists by name and by subject
     Topica Search engine for over 90,000 email lists (Formerly Listz)
     Excite  Communities/Chat


What's to chat about? Search ICQ for a subject

Enter a topic to search, such as games or travel.
Entire Site People Navigator Chat Rooms Interest GroupsUser Lists

Who was that masked man?  Search ICQ to find the identity

first name last name   Fill in at least one field
  email      nickname  

NOTE: You may use wildcards such as:John B* for a first and last name, or Jim* for a nick.  The engine will find the rest.
You just got to have more? Search ICQ for the rest of the story. 
You can always get  your own copy here

  So you got the number, but you need the rest of the story      

Enter the ICQ number above and get the results!

 Let's see if he (or she) is some kind of YAHOO! 

Enter a possible Name, I.D. Number, or any Keyword your bad guy may use.

     Make an entry in the first box.  The other boxes are optional.

Search By:  By Gender: By Age: 

    Profiles w/ Pictures  

You will get more hits with the Profiles box not checked.

You might not believe what kind of web rings are out there!

Web Rings are collections of associated web pages with the same or similar interests.
These may be social, political or other interests.
"Birds of a feather gather together!"

Ring Number One      

                Search web rings at Bomis
   Your kind of bad guy may be using one of these.

Random Engine

Enter a simple word or phrase : e.g.  teen
Most of the time you should leave the button at Bomis

  Ring Number Two                  You might also search Web Ring

Search for: Any WordAll WordsExact Phrase
In: Ring DescriptionsRing Names & Keywords

Web Ring is now owned by Yahoo.  You may be amazed at what you will find.

   Ring Number Three              Last but not least, RingSurf!

Search RingSurf         

Advanced Search         

  The Drop I
 Distribution via U.S. Mail
Are the perpetrators sending illegal material  through the US Postal Service?
City State / ZIP Code Associations

If you enter a city and state (for example: Memphis, TN), this feature will display any associated ZIP Codes.   If you enter a ZIP Code (for example: 02720), it will display any associated cities, possessions, territories, or military locations.
Abbreviations for any of the above.  Other USPS info and contacts.   

 The Drop II
Are they using a commercial mailbox (in the U.S.) as a drop point?
 It's probably rented from Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE)

We recommend using the MBE site for this search at MBE Search


 Find Commercial Perpetrators/Facilitators
   "Let your fingers do the walking....."
 General White Pages Telephone Look-ups
  • Who is this predator? -      AnyWho  Very good again
  • Who is this (part II)? -    Yahoo People  Number please
  • Who is this (part III)? -    Verizon One of the better look ups
  • Where is the predator? -  ACR International city and country codes
  • Where in the World? -     Freeality International Phone look ups
 How do I get there? (Or, I wonder where we should meet?)
  • Maps on Us               Check each of these sites.  Some will have 
  • Yahoo! Maps             route planning and/or driving directions.
  • Mapquest!                 You may also find a business in the area related
  • Lycos Road Maps      to the person you are tracking.

"Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

 Other Useful Search Pages


There is a lot of good software out there both on and off line.
Good for helping you figure out the who, what & where of your target.   
Tracking (with other sites) Software

 Sam Spade Tools    Excellent     Sam Spade  Excellent software- free too! 
 Network Solutions Very good    EnCase Computer Forensics tools - Very good
 ARIN-whois Very good              mIRC  Likely the best of the IRC software
 Copernic  Very good                  GeekTools Very good collection of tools
                         These are some of the better search/forensics tools!


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Disclaimer: Any information turning up on any person as a result of this search page is NOT in itself an indicator of guilt of anything.  This is merely a search tool!

Some of the functions on this page seem to work and look a lot better with Internet Explorer than some other page viewers.  It was written with MS Front Page.

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